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Vaccination for foreign students

Dear International Students!

The Hungarian Government is offering vaccination to foreign citizens – without a national health insurance card - living in Hungary. The registration has started, which can be done at, free of charge. The order in which people are vaccinated is not determined by the order in which they register, but by their vulnerability to disease caused by the coronavirus.

Do not hesitate, register NOW and receive your vaccination card! Please also note, that vaccination is still voluntary but some services are subject to the vaccination card!

From the 1st of May, new rules apply:

  • A curfew between midnight and 5 am
  • Shops, services may be open till 11 pm
  • Mask wearing is mandatory in public places
  • Services open ONLY to people with vaccination card: cinema, theatre, library, gym, zoo, swimming pools, museums, sports events, hotels, restaurants (inner spaces)

Kind regards, 
Leadership of the Faculty