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DLA in Architecture

The Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA) in Architecture programme of the Doctoral School covers architecture and urban architecture programmes dealing with various aspects of planning (architecture of social spaces, architectural planning and design, production environment planning, residential environment planning, settlement planning). 

However, these fields are not strictly tied to specific topics or building types, but are more closely related to the professional and educational expertise and experience of the specific teachers and supervisors of the Doctoral School. Our intention is to provide our students with a historical perspective of our heritage, our responsibility towards the environment, and a coherent system of environmental and modern architectural aspects. It is in view of this that special emphasis is laid in the curriculum of our school on the individual program of activity of our doctoral candidates, which is built on the combination of creative artistic-technical activities and scientific research in a chosen field, in accordance with the specific feature of architecture being a combination of arts and science.

Thesis topics currently announced (on the website of the Hungarian Doctoral Council)