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PhD in Architectural Engineering

When the PhD in Architectural Engineering programme of the Doctoral School was developed we drew on experience of other Hungarian Doctoral Schools and that of the existing DLA Doctoral School. 

The programme covers aspects of past and modern building materials science, engineering structures and building frames. Furthermore, it also focuses on areas closely related to the program’s priorities, such as environmental planning, settlement planning and energy design. In view of the specific features of the discipline and the wide range of subjects – that is, the interdisciplinary nature - of the various fields of research, the course curriculum lays special emphasis on ensuring that doctoral candidates gain the necessary knowledge and competence while also catering to their individual research topics. The prime objective of the Training Programme is to assist doctoral candidates of the school in preparing a dissertation of high standard and in complying with the requirements of a doctoral degree.

Thesis topics currently announced (on the website of the Hungarian Doctoral Council)