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An overview of the application process can be found here.

In order to apply to the Breuer Marcel Doctoral School you should have a master diploma mainly in architecture or architectural engineering. Besides the certificates, of copies of your diploma(s) the most important documents of your application are a professional curriculum vitae, a motivation letter, portfolio and a research plan.

Professional curriculum vitae

In the CV you have to include all your experiences, education, professional career, special skills, language skills.

Motivation letter

In the motivation letter it should be described why you would like to continue studying on a doctoral level. Furthermore, it is important to describe why exactly the Marcel Breuer Doctoral School is your chosen institution.


A detailed document about your architectural or artistic activities prepared in a high-quality graphical layout.

Research plan

A research plan can be based on a topic that was found among the currently announced thesis topics but it can be based on a personal research interest too. It should be described what is the chosen research topic about. The description should be as exact as possible, not too general! It is necessary to have a detailed time schedule for the 4 years (8 semesters) where it is described in what steps and how it is planned to carry out the research. The research topic should be relevant to the main profile of the doctoral school.

Application step-by-step

The application starts with the registration on one of the following online application sites of the University of Pécs:
DLA in Architecture

PhD in Architectural Engineering

  1. Upload the following documents:

        - Passport sized photo
        - Copy of Passport
        - Copy of Master diploma (original and English translation as well)
        - Transcript of Records
        - Medical Certificate
        - Curriculum Vitae 
        - Motivation Letter   
       - Portfolio 
       - Research plan
- Recommendation letters, more documentation etc. – optional submission  

3. Pay the application fee and send the confirmation of transaction

4. The Admission Committee confirm the receipt of the application fee and evaluate your submitted documents

5. Call for Skype interview

6. After the Skype interview, the Admission Committee send you the offer of admission within a week if you meet the entry requirements.

7. Pay the tuition fee and send the confirmation of transaction

8. After receiving the tuition fee payment, the Decision of Admission will be sent to you for starting the visa process

9. Visa Process

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact us by e-mail: but in case of study related questions please write to: