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UP FEIT presented its forward-looking approach to architecture at the Dubai Expo

The Dubai Expo also saw the unveiling of the faculty's most complex and holistic architectural project, a solar-powered house model, which was designed for the 2019 Solar Decathlon. This project will be developed further for the 2022 World Solar Decathlon in Wuppertal, Germany.

In addition to the residential floors, the planned condominium will also include community space and workspace for the residents. From an ecological point of view, it is an energy-plus house with zero or negative emissions.

The team entered the competition to ensure that this applies not only to the operation of the building, but also to the whole life cycle, which includes construction. This means that the sourcing of building materials, the construction method, operation, refurbishment and possible recycling is carried out sustainably.

The team from Pécs has competed successfully so far and will definitely take part at the World Competition in Wuppertal next summer, where part of the project has to be built on site.

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