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Engineers without Borders - University of Pécs Chapter

Dear Students,

This year, as part of the ‘Inspire initiative’ we are launching the first non-UK based European Chapter of the Engineers without Borders (EWB) student organization. This is a student-based organization for students who want to make a difference in their global and local communities, now and in their future profession. At the University of Pécs, the Engineers without Borders Chapter is also one of the few student organizations set up by international students although Hungarian students are also very welcome to join.

The Pécs chapter of EWB is currently being established and is looking for new members, if you are interested, put in your details in the form below and we will keep you posted of any developments.

For more information about Engineers without Borders and Chapters, visit the Engineers without Borders website or contact Tarique Katuntu who is the primary organizer at the Faculty.


Are you an undergraduate engineering student? If yes, undergraduate students can participate in the Engineers without Borders Design challenge by taking the course ‘International Engineering Project SZB068AN’ (3 credits) which is an international collaboration between the University of Pécs, Brunel University, Engineers without Borders UK and Centre for Appropriate Technology Australia.

Check it out on Neptun!