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"Life along the roads" – The realities of everyday life in Africa


Africa themed solo exhibition of Prof. Dr. István Tarrósy, African Studies expert.


Location: PTE BTK-TTK Aula (Ifjúság street 6.)
Date: 22 April 17:00


The exhibition can be viewed until 2 May.


In 2000, István Tarrósy visited Africa for the first time, spending several weeks in Tanzania and Egypt. The experience of being immersed in the everyday realities of sub-Saharan and North African life left a profound impact on him. From that moment on, they felt a strong connection to Africa, as many other travellers before them had also experienced and described as the 'Africa bug'.
Since 2000, István Tarrósy has been focusing on Africa, conducting research, writing, and teaching about the continent. Their research primarily examines sub-Saharan African countries, issues, and processes, which he supports with field research. Since 2006, he has been returning regularly to the unique landscapes and spaces of Africa, to different parts of the diverse and captivating continent, where he is captivated by the unique reality of human relations and the coexistence of 'human-nature'. It is a milieu that he always wants to be a part of, to return to, and one that is difficult to escape from.