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Dr. Donát Rétfalvi DLA habil.
Dr. Donát Rétfalvi DLA habil.
Dr. Donát Rétfalvi DLA habil.
Associate Professor
Professional CV


Name:                                                Dr. Donát RÉTFALVI

Place and Date of Birth:                   Pécs, Hungary, 17th of Jun 1976

Citizenship:                                         Hungarian

Occupation:                                      Architect; Interior designer; Associate Professor at the University of Pécs (UP), Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT), Institute of Architecture, Department of Interior, Applied and Creative Design;

                                                           Head of the Institute

Qualification:                                     Master in Architecture (2001); Architectural Engineer (1999)

Academic Degree:                           Habilitation (2011); Doctor of Liberal Arts in Architecture (DLA) (2007)




List of All Publications:              

(at Hungarian Collection of Scientific Publications (MTMT)

ORCid ID:                                            0000-0001-9962-9981

Scopus Author ID:                               57222048494



English:                        without certificate, level B2-C1, intensive used over the past years

German:                     ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) state-recognized language exam in German language, primary level (B1) (certificate No: 126035) (2003)

Hungarian:                  Native Language



2018                             Erasmus Staff Mobility Program – Short Term Experience at AAPA /Architetetti Associati Agoston, in Verona, Italy

2016                             Erasmus Staff Mobility Program – jun-oct. 2016, visiting professor at University of San Carlos, School of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design, Cebu, Philippines

2013                             Campus Hungary Scholarship at the Department of Civil Engineering, Metropolitan State University of Denver, in Colorado, the USA, for two months.



2018 –                          Head of the Institute of Architecture, University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (UP FEIT), Pécs, Hungary

2015-2018                    Head of Department of Visual Studies, at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (UP FEIT), Institute of Architecture

2012-2015                    Head of Department of Architecture and Visual Studies, at the University of Pécs, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (UP FEIT), Institute of Architecture

2011 –                          Associate professor at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (UP FEIT), Institute of Architecture, Department of Interior, Applied and Creative Design)

2008-2011                    Assistant professor at the University of Pécs, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Architecture, Department of Design and Architecture

2002-2008                    Assistant lecturer at the University of Pécs, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Architecture, Department of Design and Architecture

2001-2002                    External tutor at the University of Pécs, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Architecture, Department of Design and Architecture



·         Course Director in the Graduate Programmes of the Faculty (UP Neptun data):

Applied Visual Studies 2., Design Studio 3 - 4, BA Thesis, Portfolio, Design 2., Digital Presentation, Research in interior design, Environment presentation practice, Space and object depiction I.

·         Other instructed courses in graduate training (current information) (UP Neptun data):

Complex Design 4., Complex Design, Design 2-3.,

·           Supervision of doctoral students at Doctoral School

Both in Hungarian and English Language at the University of Pécs, Marcel Breuer Architectural Doctoral School

·         Supervised doctoral students ( data):

CHU XIAOHUI (PhD) (2019), György HALÁSZ (50%)(DLA)(2012), Bianka SZINTÉN (50%)(DLA) (expected graduation: 2022), Raphael Awyetu JATAU (50%)(DLA) (expected graduation: 2023), Réka BORBÁS (50%) (DLA)(expected graduation: 2023), Réka MARKOVICS (50%) (DLA)(expected graduation: 2023), Noémi KÓKAI (PhD) (expected graduation: 2025), Csilla HEGEDŰS (DLA) (expected graduation: 2023), Fernanda Marx de ANDRADE (DLA)(expected graduation: 2023)

Developing teaching materials:

With the titles ‘Digital Presentation’ educational materials financed by the ZENFE competition (2015).



Students' Research Association competitions (TDK, ÚNKP, Kriszbacher I Scholarship):

·         ÚNKP: Bianka SZINTÉN, Generating positive social change by Micro-art interventions (2019); The present of humanitarian architecture - Homes for the homeless in Hungary (2021);

Réka SÁRKÖZI, The influence of the built environment on young people (2017);

Zsuzzsanna TARR, Analysis of suburbanisation trends in Pécs-Somogy (2019);

Kata VARJÚ, Design methods for the community architecture of the slum (2019);

·         KIÖ: Zsuzzsanna TARR, Rethinking agricultural architecture (2019);

Kata VARJÚ, The Village Without Workplaces: Architectural Programming and Engagement in Alternative Job Creation – Gilvánfa (2019)

·         OTDK: 21. National Scientific Student Conference (OTDK) (2013), Architecture Section, Supervising student Péter KORONCZI (I. PRIZE);

21. MSSC (OTDK) (2013), Architecture Section, Supervising student Anett MIZSEI (II. PRIZE);

21. NSSC (OTDK) (2013), Design Section, Supervising student Edina MATYÓ (II. PRIZE);

23. NSSC (OTDK) (2017), Art, Art History, Architecture, Architectural Theory Section, Supervising student Bianka SZINTÉN (I. PRIZE);

35. NSSC (OTDK) (2021), Architecture, Architectural Theory Section, Supervising student Kata Varjú (I. PRIZE)

Supervised Final Design Projects since 2010: 126 (18 Award winner)



·    Project A2-84 to upgrade the existing Bsc in Architecture from the Hungarian language to the English language. Review and control of teaching capacities (load) and selecting the corresponding subject directors and subject coordinators. Programme alignment of the Bsc with the MSc. (2020-2021)( EFOP-3.4.3-16-2016-00005)

·         3D VR for the navigation inside the FEIT building: professional management of the Interactive development, training for the realisation of the project, Archicad modelling, task discussion with the students. (2018-2019)( EFOP-3.4.4-16-2017-00004)

·         Development of the content for the 3D VR e-learning curriculum of the subject "Digital Presentation".

TEMATICS: I. Subject of publication, II. Presentation techniques, III. Preparing a CV and portfolio, IV. How to create a low budget office?, V. Concluding thoughts (2019) (EFOP-3.5.1-16-2017-00003)

·         "Supporting the work of the UP FEIT National Scientific and Art Conference of Students Associations": participation in the work of the UP FEIT National Scientific Conference of  Students, reviewing student research work. (2018) (NTP-HHTDK-17-0021)

·         Parameterized comfort in physical spaces (well-being): student coordination for parameterized comfort and biomedical engeenering research. Preparation of a publication. (2019-2020)( TUDFO/51757-1/2019-ITM)

·         UP Research Team membership:
Parameterized Comfort in Physical Spaces Research Team (



2005 –                          Individual Architectural and Interior Design activity (

2009 – 2017                  r + g architect studio ltd. co-owner, architect, interior designer

2007 – 2017                  cooperation with Másfél Architect Office Ltd., C.S.Ő.Architect Office Ltd.

1999 – 2010                  Bachman and Bachmann Architect Office – architect assistant

1995 – 1996                  Erb and Partners Architect Office – architect intern



(5 most significant from the last five years)

2016                             IPD Ideas Talk – Presentation entitled: “Life between Architecture - Connect people through architecture”, 19. July 2016 Cebu city, Philippines

2013                    Association of Economic and Scientific Societies "How Hungary will continue in the European Union" 94th professional forum "Innovation and Competitiveness", Presentation entitled: "Beyond Architecture - Innovation, Education and the Future Generation", Nagykanizsa, Medgyaszay House, 07. November.2013

2012                             17Th International Scientific Conference of Young Engineers Presentation entitled: "Vertical Necropolis" - Mexico City, 22-23. March 2012, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

2011                            16Th International Scientific Conference of Young Engineers Presentations entitled:The context of Temporary City: reflections on a workshop” and “Children's corner - a contemporary kindergarten building”, 24-25. March 2011, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA



2021                             Master Teacher Gold Medal - 35th National Scientific Conference of Students, National Council of Student's Research on Science and Art (OTDT), Pro Scientia Gold Medal Award Committee - for supporting the scientific research work of students, for outstanding work as a topic leader and science organizer

2021                             Mihály Pollack Medal Silver Grade, for excellence in educational organisership, teaching and talent management

2020                             Pro Cura Ingenii Honour - an award established by the Senate of the University of Pécs, which can be awarded to the following persons on the recommendation of the Talent Council - awarded annually to two faculty members per faculty who have made outstanding achievements in talent management

2017                             Mihály Pollack Medal Bronze Grade, for the educational-, scientific-, research- and public activities, and for the outstanding results achieved in the development of Institute's organization conditions

2015                            Multifunctional Cultural Center,national architectural design competition Budapest, Hungary, III. PRIZE

2013                            Showroom for Garzon Furniture Company, interior design competition, Budapest, Hungary, I. PRIZE

2012                            Tourism development on Miskolc-Tapolca, national architectural design competition, cooperation with Pécsi Építész Kör Kft. Sári és Fia Építésziroda Bt., H2 Office Bt.,KLMV Csoport Kft., r + g építész műhely kft.,MIMA Építész Műhely Kft., C.S.Ő. Építésziroda Kft., Miskloc, Hungary, II. PRIZE

2011                            We will live HERE” architectural design competition, Harsánylejtő, Hungary, SPECIAL PRIZE

2009                            The Development of the National Memorial Place and Ruins Park, national architectural design competition, Székesfehérvár, Hungary, SPECIAL PRIZE

2009                            The Reconstruction and Enlargement of Campus Building Faculty o Engineering and IT, Pécs, Hungary, Awarded for Excellence of STRABAG

2008                             “Zwischen Löwe und Reiter” – urban design competition, Braunschweig, Germany, I.PRIZE

2008                            “Pouring into a Mold!” industrial design competition for the Zwack Co., Budapest, Hungary, III. PRIZE

2007                            St. Stephen sculpture competition, architectural environmental design for Sandor Retfalvi’s sculpture, Pécs, Hungary, I.PRIZE

2007                            Single Family House “MasterPiece Award Competition 2007″, Hungary, I.PRIZE (cathegory Design and 3D visual)

2004                            Bibó István monument sculpture competition, architectural environmental design for Sandor Retfalvi’s sculpture, Budapest, II.PRIZE

2002                            Library of Siófok, architectural design competition, Siófok SPECIAL II. PRIZE

2001                            Szent Mór highschool’s Sport Center architectural design competition, I.PRIZE



(5 most significant from the last ten years)

2020                             CIBE - Development of the so-called West- Campus at the University of Pécs and Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Innovation Building. Architectural design as a responsible designer within the framework of  the Biomedical Engineering Project of the Thematic Excellence Programme 2019 (TUDFO/51757-1/2019-ITM), (Gabriella MEDVEGY Dr., Gábor VERES Dr., Donát RÉTFALVI Dr., Balázs KOKAS Dr., and Tamás RÁCZ and Tibor KUKAI Dr.) Concept plan. Location: Pécs, Hungary.

2014                             Heritage protection, Reconstruction and development of the Rudnyánszky – Mondbach – Frankl building comlpex, Dunaújváros, Hungary (Tamás, KONDOR Dr., Donát RÉTFALVI Dr.)

2011                             Information and costumer center of Pannon Volán Public Transportation Company, Pécs, Hungary (Gabriella MEDVEGY Dr., Gábor VERES Dr., Donát RÉTFALVI Dr.)

2011                             Interior design of Polyák Winery, Kunszállás, Hungary

2006-2008                     The Reconstruction and Enlargement of Campus Building UP Faculty of Engineering and IT, Pécs, Hungary (Ákos Hutter Dr., Csaba ROHOSKA, Donát RÉTFALVI Dr.)




(5 most significant from the last five years)

2021                             New Normal – Design by Research/Research by Design, Exhibition about Research and Design at UP FEIT Institute of Architecture, Wuhan Design Week, 2021, Wuhan, China

2019                             People with Dementia as Active Participants in Studies Related to the Built Environment: A Systematic Review – Marx FERNANDA, Donát RÉTFALVI dr., JOURNAL OF AGING AND ENVIRONMENT 35 : 1 pp. 77-87. , 11 p. (2021) DOI: 10.1080/26892618.2020.1793440, Volume 35, 2021 - Issue 1,

2016                             2th Geosymbiotic Workshop at Bantayan Island, Transformable Furniture Group, group-leader, 18-30. August 2016, Bantayan Island, Philippines

2013                             Offroad Architecture workshop, consultant professor, 23.sept.-04.oct. 2013., Graz, Ausztria

2008-2010                    Temporary City – Student workshops in the frame of the cooperation between 2010 Cultural Capital's universities, lecturer, group leader – Duisburg, Pécs, Istanbul



(5 most significant)

·         Member of the Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ)

·         Member of Chamber of Hungarian Architects (MÉK) architect (No: É -02-0610) since 2003; chief interior designer (BÉ1-02-0610) since 2008

·         Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA), member of the public body, member of Scientific Committee for Architecture, Pécs Regional Committee, Committee for Construction, Architecture and Technical Training




·         Lakni kell! /We all need a home: Annual workshop aiming the creation of installations raising awareness of homelessness and the design and development of living spaces in shelters in cooperation with non-profit organizations.

·         Development of residential buildings in Gilvánfa: EU-funded project aiming the renovation of residential homes in a deprived settlement of Baranya county impacting 8 buildings and 32 residents.

·         Space Poetry: Annual creative and heritage protection summer camp in Transylvania, between 2014 and 2017, aiming the development of the village Énlaka, by designing and constructing community spaces including a playground, a viewpoint, landart etc.

·         Bőköz Festival participation: Creating installations at a 4-day annual event in one of Hungary's economically poorest but culturally richest regions.

·         Researchers' Nights: Annual scientific event aiming to break down the stereotypes regarding researchers and their position in the world of science and work.

·        The New Normal campaign: A series of marketing activities in order to increase the number of female students in STEM majors and supporting the female students in our ongoing programmes, including mentoring programme, scholarship, research identifying problems and their sources, determining stereotypes and breakthrough possibilities, cooperation with national media, making short films.

·         Experience Workshop: innovative education project for high-school students aiming to inspire them through artistic creation and inviting a creative dialogue between the mathematical and artistic way of looking at sciences.


List of All Publications at Hungarian Collection of Scientific Publications (MTMT)

Rétfalvi Donat list of publications on the MTMT website

Announced Topics


residential building design, heritage protection, public building design, interior design, architectural theory, architectural CAD


— The recycling and rethinking of existing buildings or sustainability are the most fundamental piece of  contemporary architectural thinking. The assessment, evaluation and possible reuse of the vulnerable, neglected valuable buildings is one of the keys for our future.

— Contemporary low-cost high quality interior design

— Social and temporary architecture in the mirror of Art Disciplines - Building a community through architecture

— New possibilities in Architectural presentation and visualisation (3D, VR, AR, Game Engines, etc.) Opensource solutaion — Vernacular architecture with ethnological research, architectural heritage protection, archaeological research and restoration