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Saeid Kashkash
Saeid Kashkash
Ph.D./DLA student
Professional CV

PhD Candidate (09/2019 – now )
Holder of Stupenduim Hungaricum Scholarship
Teaching at Faculty of Engineering (MIK) Department of Civil Engineering.
▪Involved in research project “assessment and rehabilitation of
old existing structures using combined non/destructive tests”.
▪Carry out tests and experiment about recycled aggregates and
sustainable construction materails to produce low-carbon

Msc is Structural Engineeing from the University of Pécs (2017-2019)

Structural designer
(09/2016 – 09/2017 )
General Company for Engineering Studies and Consulting G.C.E.C.
Liaise with architecture, electrical, and mechanical engineers
take all systems into account.
Modeling, analyzing and designing the structural system
according to Code specifications

Site Engineer
(09/201 5 – 09/2016)

General Company for Building and Construction GCBC

  Oversee building works and prepare site reports.
  scheduling material and equipment purchase and delivery.
 Provide technical advice and coordinate the activities on site