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Mária Eördöghné Miklós dr.
Mária Eördöghné Miklós dr.
Associate Professor

Investigation of energy efficiency of pumping systems by a newly specified energy parameter

Characteristics of the aquifer from the perspective of the water services, Pollack Periodica 9.2014.1.12, PTE PMMIK Pécs, Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest

General characteristics of water consumption and sewage management in a rural area of SW Hungary: a case study,  Hydrocarpath International Conference, Sopron, 2013., ISBN-978-963-334-141-0

Effect of the Water Consumption Variation on the Energy Demand of the Water Supply System, Clima 2010 – 10th REHVA World Congress - Antalya, „Sustainable Energy Use in Buildings”