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How to apply

In this section, you can find an overview of the application process with specific information for each step along the way.

Application Step-by-Step

  1. Register on ONE of the following online application sites of the University of Pécs:
    DLA in Architectrue
    PhD in Architectural Engineering

  2. Upload the following documents:

        - Passport sized photo
        - Copy of Passport
        - Copy of Master diploma (original and English translation as well)
        - Transcript of Records
        - Medical Certificate
        - Curriculum Vitae 
        - Motivation Letter   
       - Portfolio 
       - Research plan
- Recommendation letters, more documentation etc. – optional submission  

3. Pay the application fee and send the confirmation of transaction

4. The Admission Committee confirm the receipt of the application fee and evaluate your submitted documents

5. Call for Skype interview

6. After the Skype interview, the Admission Committee send you the offer of admission within a week if you meet the entry requirements.

7. Pay the tuition fee and send the confirmation of transaction

8. After receiving the tuition fee payment, the Decision of Admission will be sent to you for starting the visa process

9. Visa Process

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact us by e-mail: but in case of study related questions please write to: