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How to apply

Application step by step

The steps of Entry Procedure. Please, read carefully the next (look for witch fits to your plans!):

You will need the next application documents inquire them sending via e-mail in digital form to the

Please, submit the following documents:

  1.  Completed Application Form
  2.  Certified and translated (if originals are not in English) copy of bachelor and master degree
  3.  Letter of motivation in English
  4.  Curriculum Vitae and detailed publication list/ list of the most important art pieces in English
  5.  Portfolio of works. Please, submit it digitally.*
  6.  2 passport size photographs
  7.  Copy of passport
  8.  Statement or transcript confirming sufficient knowledge of English
  9.  Draft about the planned research in Architecture or relative fields
  10.  Recommendations, more documentation etc. - optional

*about the portfolio:
Applicants for PhD/DLA programs - please send a portfolio about projects, works, build projects, architectural competitions, publications etc - in digital version, in DVD, or download to a link
Please, send a portfolio about projects, works digitally (DVD, pdf, private website, blog etc.).

2. Please, pay the 100 USD Application Fee. Bank account details for the payment:
Recipient: The University of Pécs, No. 4, Vasvari Pál Street, Pécs, 7622
Beneficiary Bank Name: Magyar Államkincstár (Hungarian State Treasury)
IBAN: HU86 10024003-00282716-00000000
Bank Address: 1054 Budapest, Hold u.4.
Purpose of Payment (for Application Fee): 140191 - application fee for DLA in Architecture
Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 140191 - tuition fee for DLA in Architecture
Purpose of Payment (for Application Fee): 140192 - application fee for PhD in Architecture Engineering
Purpose of Payment (for Tuition Fee): 140192 - tuition fee for PhD in Architecture Engineering
Please, submit the copy of transaction receipt!
NOTE: The international transaction process frequently takes about 1-2 weeks! Pay the fees in USD, the charges of transaction must be paid by the applicant/student.

3. Admission requirements
After the submission of the application documents the Admission Committee will call the applicant for the Oral Exam. We will contact you to arrange an interview, either in personally or over the phone/Skype. The aim of the interview is for admissions staff to gain better and your ambitions, motivations and skills for a creative future. It will also give you the opportunity to ask your own questions. We will ask and evaluate your:

  • English Language skills
  • Engineering Dimension (general and basic competences, intelligence, high school and other preview studies)
  • Communication skills of the applicant.
  • About the Portfolio

4. If accepted, the Admission Office will send you a Letter of Offer and invoice. To accept an offer, you must pay the first semester tuition fee in 15 workdays. We need the scanned copy recipe about transaction, and we expose you the Decision of Admission Document.

5. Based on the Decision of Admission Documents you can apply for visa.

6. Study start on Faculty of Engineering University of Pécs.

Month of entry: